photo minutes BRAINSTORMING : series of photo books
"One question, Answer by photograph"


There is the meeting method called “brainstorming” in deference to individual ideas. The method has a theme, but not the limitation in the remark of the place. It is wanted how much idea can show from one head. The primitive stimulation, not provided in the general meeting being concise and peaceful, is found. The development and the argument should be thought of, later.

If the feature of photograph is applied to this meeting method, will more direct photograph expression be possible? By these days when the significance of paper medium is asked again, photograph has not shown the power fully yet. We publish book series speaking sensitivity of photographer oneself here. It is not collecting works, not telling one story, but minutes of photograph.

Fixed deadline for two month, given one phrase as theme, just put the storm which sprang out in individual brains. The nature of this booklet is presentation of response to one question from photographers, named BRAINSTORMING.


published by SKYLAB ( Tokyo, JAPAN )/